Saturday, May 14, 2016

Taking a break

Hey guys! So I've taken some time off from traveling and I unfortunately had to cut my trip to California short. I made it as far as Indianapolis and had to come back home. I will be working over the summer and resuming my traveling in late August. The adventures, however, have not and will not stop. I am helping to take care of a six month old baby, so that's pretty exciting, and also I will be working at a summer camp full of craziness and excitement all summer. I will continue to update you, my fellow adventurers as time goes on. This break will also help me to better plan out my trips which I will also be reporting on as the planning process continues. Feel free to message me on instagram or twitter with helpful ideas of things to do while I'm in your neck of the woods. I will also do my best to continue the youtube vlog with my hometown adventures and packing tips. Thanks for reading! I'll see you on the road.

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