Friday, September 23, 2016

Two Weeks 'Till I'm on the Road

Hey Adventurers!
So I'm getting pretty stir crazy here and I can not wait to be on the road again. This time the destination is Los Angeles and I leave in two weeks! I'm so excited, but so nervous. I've been procrastinating so much with this trip I kind of hate myself. I will be okay though. I usually end up flying by the seat of my pants no matter how much planning I do. I'm hopping that this trip won't be a loner trip, finally. I am in the process of getting things together so that my girlfriend can come with me. It'll be a struggle, but I'm hopeful. Thank you so much for your support. I love hearing from my readers and my followers so please keep it up. I will be keeping you guys posted as always especially when I finally have something interesting to post about. Also I love hearing about your adventures both past and present. If you have a funny travel story, please share in the comments or private message me on any of my many social media accounts.
Until next time,
I'll see you on the road.