Thursday, August 18, 2016

Day Three of Thirty

Hey Adventurers!
It's day three now of my thirty day workout challenges! The exercising isn't that hard it's mostly remembering to actually do it. I'm adding the challenges to the end of this post so if you guys want to, you can join in. I know that staying healthy while you travel can be extremely difficult and so I want to take advantage of the time off that I have to not only raise money, but to also get back into a healthy lifestyle. I believe that it will be a lot easier to keep healthy habits on the road once I've ingrained them into my schedule here at home. I encourage everyone to join me or maybe just pick one of the four and do that one. I will probably do a video every five days or so and try to keep you all updated on my progress.
Until then, I'll see you on the road (or maybe the gym)

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