Monday, April 11, 2016

Breaking Free

As a get set to go on my second leg of my trip I'm sitting here thinking about my first leg. It was kind of an experiment leg down to South Carolina. It was great! I broke my phone, got lost(a few times), got my car towed, got two parking tickets, and had one of the people I was going to stay with cancel, but it was still awesome. I got to be behind the wheel, down south, seeing friends, blasting music, it was incredible. Although I am still questioning my decision slightly, the joy I had on that trip proved this was the right choice. I heard a quote last night that summed up what I am feeling quite well. It said "If I wasn't making a challenging decision, it probably wasn't the right one."-Christian LeBlanc. All my life I have wanted to be famous, to be great. I have never really had an average dream. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a rockstar, an actor, a CEO, a WWE wrestler, a NFL player, a lawyer, or even the president, but I was way too ADHD and lazy to put in the work I needed to be great. Now I am starting my adventure and all I hear is "How are you going to make money?", "You're never going to make it.", and "You're crazy!" and now I finally understand. You don't have to be amazing at football to be great at life. All you have to do is be crazy enough to step out of your comfort zone and do what you love. If I somehow become famous because of this, that would be awesome. If only 5 people read my blog and one of them decides to do it too, that would be awesome. If literally no one knows I'm doing this and it's just for me? Still awesome. I am sick of living in fear of fitting in. Today is the day I break free and I will take as many of you with me as I can.

I do also have a twitter and an instagram that I will be posting on more regularly, as well as a Youtube channel on the way. I did also start a go fund me account so any help or spreading the word would be appreciated. Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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