Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pilot: My Crazy Adventure

Hi my name is David Fite and this is the ongoing story of my crazy life.

A little bit of a backstory:
Since I graduated from high school in June of 2014 i have attended two colleges, moved seven times, held fourteen jobs, and been engaged. Needless to say I am a constantly changing, usually unstable person. The greatest lesson I have learned from all of that is to always be down for whatever. Originally I was in it all for the money. I wanted to get the most money in the shortest amount of time, but I'm slowly realizing that experiences are worth more than money.  So last friday I quit my job on Wall Street went to my parents' house for Easter and decided that I was going to drive....just drive. It has always been my life goal to go to every country in the world and all 50 states in the USA. So now me, 19 years old and without really any commitments has set out to achieve that goal. This blog will act as my journal, my travel guide, and a way that my experiences can live and hopefully inspire. So greetings, friends and welcome to the craziest journey of your life.

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