Friday, April 15, 2016

New York, New York

Greeting from New York City! Although it is my home I realized that there are a lot of awesome touristy things that I haven't done here yet. I also could use the practice so here goes. New York City is like a bunch of small cities all clumped together and everything changes between seven and nine at night so there is never a shortage of things to do around here. I am going to start with the basics: Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and Wall Street. These are all very popular places to for tourists, but even as a New Yorker I love going here. The bright lights and all the excitement remind me why I wanted to more to the city. I also really enjoy visiting some of the smaller and lesser known places such as Bleeker St, Williamsburg, Little Italy, and SOHO. I will be posting a video to my youtube channel hopefully tomorrow showing all the awesome stuff I love in the city. Also I got really great news this morning from one of my favorite humans on the planet, my old boss, Sam Richbart. He runs an amazing summer camp near Buffalo, NY and he asked me to be his waterfront director this summer! So I will be taking about two months off from traveling to work there and then getting back on a plane to who knows where. I can't wait. So don't forget to check out my video at and also like, comment, and share everything. See you on the road.

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